Guest Speakers


Our guest speakers help you gain two of the most important things for any career: Qualifications AND Experience.
Our trainers are known around Australia for their work and expertise with horses and horse management, providing students with ongoing support during and after the course.

Professor Christopher C. Pollitt

BVSc (Massey) PhD (Qld) 

Professor, Queensland University. Laminits and anatomy expert.

Carol Layton

B.Sc M.Ed  

An equine nutrition expert

Dr. Celine Lee - Veterinarian


Masters Melbourne University

Carlos Tabernaberri

Professional Horse Trainer 

"As a trainer and educator, my focus is on the horses and people with whom I work and on helping them to achieve their full potential"

Dr Neal Valk


Vet and Barefoot trimmer from Tennessee

Kelvin Burk - Animal Welfare

Inspectorate RSPCA 

Ken Green

0419 586 365 

Ken Green Equine Therapy